Intro to Research in the Department

Why should I do research?

Research is exciting! You will design experiments, discover phenomena and make new molecules that no one has ever seen before. Furthermore, there are several practical reasons why you should consider research as an undergraduate student.

Research is a great way to learn more about chemistry. The concepts you learn in the classroom will come to light when you do research. You will also learn more about instrumentation, data analysis, and gain experience in writing reports, preparing posters, and discussing science with your research group members.

Research is a great career builder! Whether you are considering graduate school, professional school, or joining the workforce after graduation, research as an undergraduate will be an invaluable experience that will sharpen your critical thinking and provide you with the unique opportunity to work alongside world-leading faculty, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Research programs at Columbia during the summer

There are a number of summer research programs that enable undergraduate students to conduct research under the guidance of faculty in the Department of Chemistry at Columbia. For more information on these programs, contact Vesna Gasperov. Please note that the application deadlines for many summer research programs are in February.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF), Department of Biological Sciences

Columbia University/Barnard College Amgen Scholars Summer Research Program (currently not accepting applications for 2021)

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Summer Research Program