PChem Seminar

The Physical Chemistry Seminar meets Friday biweekly at 1:30pm, 320 Havemeyer and Zoom (changes may apply), to hear talks from junior and senior researchers from Columbia and elsewhere spanning the field of physical chemistry.


The Physical Chemistry Seminar Series is designed to be a forum for junior and senior researchers to present their work to the Columbia community. We also frequently invite outside speakers to present their work in an informal atmosphere. All students are invited to attend and snacks are typically provided. We hope to see you there!

The Physical Chemistry (Student) Seminar Series is designed to provide a much more intimate, educational setting than most other seminars.

Our series was founded sometime before or around spring 2007, to provide a venue for communication among graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in physical chemistry and related fields.

Talk Guidelines

Speakers are encouraged to speak about whatever they are comfortable with. If you are giving a talk, please keep in mind the goals of this seminar: our foremost goal is to provide educational seminars to students. We recommend that talks be geared towards second year students, both theoretical and experimental, who have completed required coursework but have not yet gotten deep in a specialization.

We try to encourage speakers to spend a significant amount of time—around half—on a pedagogical exposition of the concepts which might be found in a mid-level graduate class on their subject.

We are always looking for speakers, not only from chemistry but from other departments; we also encourage students at other universities to participate in the Physical Chemistry Seminar Series. If you would like to give a talk, please contact one of the chairs.

Ethan Vo, Co-Chair
[email protected]

Jack Tulyag, Co-Chair
[email protected]

Former Officers

Petra Shih

Shan-Wen Cheng

PJ Robinson

Jack Weber

James Shee

Prakriti Joshi

Alyssa Manz

Soumyodipto Mukherjee

Andres Montoya-Castillo

Michelle Ziperstein


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