Research Opportunities

student working in the lab

Modern chemistry research is interdisciplinary and collaborative. Most research at Columbia spans the classic fields of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, or theoretical) and is closely related to other disciplines, including physics, biology, materials science, engineering, and medicine. At the undergraduate level, chemistry research is usually performed with guidance and supervision from a university professor and members of their research group. Your supervisor will help you choose a research projects that is of interest to both of you. With time, you will gain valuable experience and become more independent in the laboratory.

Intro to Research in the Department

Undergraduate students at Columbia have ample opportunity to perform high level research in the Department of Chemistry while pursuing their degree.

Research Fields

Chemistry research at Columbia is divided into several sub-disciplines. Most research groups work in more than one of these fields.

How To

Joining a research group.

Research For Credit

Your work in a research group can count towards your degree.

Funding Opportunities

Many undergraduate students receive external or internal funding for their research.