Tracking Order Form

Use the TOF for orders for suppliers not listed on the CU Marketplace with the exception of Amazon.

For all Amazon orders, an email with the quantity, hyperlink(s), a reason for the item(s), and a project number is sufficient.

Provide the Project name or Description of the grant to charge. Use the appropriate form(s) that are relative to the type of Project (sponsored/non-sponsored).  Sign all forms at the requester line.


You are strongly encouraged to use a preferred supplier with a University-Wide Purchasing Agreement (UwPA), if available, as they have already been approved by Columbia. Visit Learn about University-Wide Purchasing Agreements (UwPA) for more information.

Using a non-approved supplier will require a variety of different documentation and methods of payment, and, in some cases, will require competitive bidding. If you know the supplier that you would like to use, the ARC Vendor ID Lookup to see if the supplier already exists in our system.


Large Purchases $10K or more

A valid non-expired awarded quote is required.  An awarded quote and two additional quotes, from qualified suppliers for price analysis, are necessary or a Single/Source Justification form with your reason and a redacted quote necessary from the awarded vendor.  The redacted quote must be addressed to another organization and must be within the last 12 months.  It must reveal the cost for the same/similar product.  This is to ensure fair pricing. 

Complete the Price Summary Form.  When using the form, you will need to use either the competitive quotes or redacted quote information.

If this purchase is a replacement item, provide the CU ID#, Serial #, Building and room location, and the PO number of the existing one.  If the unit will not reside at the same location, provide the new location information (building, floor & room). 

If the vendor is delivering and/or installing the item, they will need to provide a certificate of insurance, see sample.  The specific wording and the certificate holder's address must appear on the vendor's certificate of insurance.

Follow this link for the policy:

Important Links

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Single Source Form
Chemistry Business Office Tracking Order Form
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Email the request to: [email protected]