Social Events

In early December, the Department of Chemistry gathers for its annual holiday party. At the Winter Show, department members and their families celebrate the end of the fall semester with dinner, a magic show performed by Professor Gerard Parkin, and a series of sketch videos produced by the second-year graduate students. The show is followed by a fête in the 7th Floor Lounge that lasts late into the evening.

In the spirit of collegiality, one Friday per month throughout the academic year members of the Department of Chemistry get together for a department-sponsored social gathering held either in the 7th Floor lounge or on the brick patio outside of Havemeyer Hall. These gatherings are arranged by two second-year graduate students, colloquially known as the “Happy Hour Committee.” At the socials, students, postdocs, and faculty in all of the different labs in chemistry have the chance to spend time together and discuss research, life and everything in between.

Every Summer, the Chemistry Department hosts two barbecues on the plaza in front of Havemayer Hall. The graduate students in the Department of Chemistry organize the first for department members and their families. The second takes place during the Student Teaching Assistant Training, STAT, and serves to introduce incoming first-year graduate students to the rest of the department.

Every September, the Department of Chemistry hosts a Pre-research Symposium, a full day lecture series presented by departmental faculty. The Symposium main goal is to provide first-year graduate students with an overview of research in the department, but most other members of the department attend in order to learn about new research being carried out by their colleagues. The symposium is followed by a dinner and reception for all members of the Department.

In addition to the weekly Faculty or student hosted seminars, throughout year the Department of Chemistry hosts a number of named lectures sponsored by Departmental Donors. Speakers selected for these seminars are leading scientists who have had an outstanding impact on their fields of research. Many of these lectures are followed by a reception to give members of the Department the opportunity to socialize with the speaker and one another.