Nina D. Berova

Nina D. Berova


Dr. Nina Berova received a PhD from University of Sofia, Bulgaria and in 1982 was appointed there a professor in organic chemistry and stereochemistry. During the 1980s she conducted extensive studies on chiroptical spectroscopy in Germany at Ruhr University, Bochum in collaboration with Prof. G. Snatzke. In 1988 she joined Columbia University, first as a Visiting professor, and then as a Research Professor, and continued her research in close collaboration with Prof. Koji Nakanishi by chiroptical methods toward structural analysis of natural products, synthetic bioactive compounds and biopolymers. Her more recent research includes also combined applications of experimental and theoretical chiroptical methods to natural and synthetic porphyrin derivatives and biopolymer-porphyrin conjugates. She has been recipient of many scholarships and visiting professorships from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan, and of several prestigious awards for her studies on chirality. Since 1998-present she is a co-Editor of Journal “Chirality”. She was a co-editor and a co-author of two monographs “Circular Dichroism: Principles and Applications” (1994) & 2000), and of two-volume monograph “Comprehensive Chiroptical Spectroscopy” (2012) published by John Wiley & Sons. 

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