Nina D. Berova

Nina D. Berova


Dr. Nina Berova received her PhD from University of Sofia, Bulgaria and later on she was appointed a Professor in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry at the same University as well as at the Institute of Organic Chemistry (IOC) to Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. During 1980-ties she conducted extensive stereochemical analysis of optically active compounds by chiroptical methods, specifically, by Electronic Circular Dichroism (ECD) and established the first research laboratory in Bulgaria based on this technology.
During this period Dr. Berova carried out also collaborative studies as Visiting Scholar at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany in the group of Prof. G. Snatzke, a renowned expert and scientific leader on ECD in Europe.
From 1989 she continued her work at Columbia University, New York, first as a Visiting Professor, and few years later as a Research Professor at the Department of Chemistry. By joining the group of Prof. Koji Nakanishi, and in close collaboration with him, she found new great opportunities to continue and expand her interests in structural analysis of vast diversity natural products, synthetic bioactive compounds and biopolymers by modern chiroptical methods.
Her more recent research on natural and synthetic porphyrin derivatives, as well biopolymer porphyrin-conjugates led to development of new chiroptical sensors and microscale methodologies. Dr. Berova received many scholarships and visiting professorships from England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, as well from other countries in Europe and Asia. For her studies on molecular and supramolecular chirality she received several prestigious awards, among them, a Chirality Gold Medal (2007) and honors such as induction in 2012 as Honorary Member of Italian Chemical Society. From 1998 to 2018 she served with Prof. John Caldwell as a co-editor of Journal “Chirality, while since 2019- present she is the journal Editor-in-Chief.
Dr. Berova has co-edited and a co-authored two monographs “Circular Dichroism: Principles and Applications” (1994) & 2000), and two-volumes monograph entitled “Comprehensive Chiroptical Spectroscopy” (2012) published by John Wiley & Sons. She has also published ca.250 original scientific papers and review articles.

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