Jack R. Norton

Jack R. Norton

Research Interest


Our theme is catalysis, but our research interests span many different areas of organometallic chemistry. We approach problems in a mechanistic way, use a variety of physical methods to investigate reaction mechanisms, and apply organometallic chemistry to the synthesis of organic compounds.

For example, we use transition-metal hydrides to catalyze the generation of organic radicals from hydrogen gas and appropriate olefins. Tin hydrides have traditionally been used as stoichiometric H• donors in radical reactions, but their byproducts are toxic and difficult to remove. Our reaction is proving useful for radical cyclizations, particularly cycloisomerizations.

We have reported the asymmetric synthesis of a-amino acid amides and esters by the dynamic kinetic resolution (or “asymmetric transformation”) of zirconaaziridines with chiral carbonates. The stereochemical outcome depends upon the rate of configuration change of the zirconaaziridine carbon.

We are also:

  • Investigating the mechanism of isocyanide (RNC) insertion into metal-carbon bonds. We hope to devise a method of catalyzing the 4 + 1 cycloaddition of dienes to isocyanides.
  • Attempting to use copper hydrides in catalyzing the generation of electricity from hydrogen gas

Recent Awards

ACS Cope Scholar Award, Sierra Nevada Distinguished Chemist, ACS Organometallic Award

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